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Best Steam Cleaners for Bathroom & Shower

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Well frankly speaking Steam Cleaners are perhaps one of the best cleaning devices invented since the advent of Vacuum Cleaners. Cleaning and disinfecting at the same time is definitely a time saver in today’s world. What many may not know is that Steam cleaner for bathroom is the latest addition to the lineup.

Steam cleaner for bathroom is a lifesaver as they serve a multitude of purposes and thus saving us a tone of a dollar that we might spend on cleaning services. Even for a cleaning service, the lime scales and grouts are additional expenses as they fall under a deep cleaning category. Steam Cleaners are all-in-one devices that can eradicate it all without the need for outside assistance.

How Do Steam Cleaners Work?

In simple terms, a steam cleaner changes ordinary tap water into high-temperature steam. This steam is scalding hot and thus automatically kills any mold or a germ that often resides in our bathroom, invisible to our naked eyes. The steam emitted from this steam cleaner is between 225 to 325 degrees F that is optimal for all kinds of bacteria, molds, and viruses. To read more, check out our guide to mold and steam cleaning.

Why We Need Bathroom Steam Cleaner?

The bathroom is essentially the most unhygienic area of the house. Remnants of the pollutants in the washroom are often unknowingly carried over by us within the inner sanctum of the house. This, in turn, can result in dangerous health issues. To prevent such episodes regular deep cleaning of the bathroom is needed.

We all know how expensive the cleaning service is. And self-cleaning with harsh chemicals and bleaches is strenuous and often results in detrimental effects.

Bathroom Steam cleaner is a great way to solve all these problems in one go. They are a onetime investment that needs no additional assistance or harsh chemicals to clean and disinfect the bathroom.

Using solely high pressure heated water, the steam cleaner can effectively deodorize, sanitize and clean the stains, scales, and grouts effectively.

How to Use a Steam Cleaner in the Bathroom

Deep cleaning the bathroom using a steam cleaner is divided into various segments.

  • Cleaning the Tiles and floors – The bathroom tiles are the homeland to numerous molds and mildew that are invisible to naked eyes besides being harmful. These molds and grouts can be easily killed or dislodged using high-pressure steam and without using any caustic agents.
  • Cleaning the Exhaust Fan Vents – Using the extendable hose of a canister steamer the dirt and grits accumulated on the fan should be washed away.
  • Cleaning the Glass and Curtains – Steaming the curtains ensures all the unhealthy organisms attached are killed away and the shower curtain is well odorized. A squeegee attachment or wiper can help in cleaning the window stains and scale formations due to water droplets.
  • Cleaning the Countertops and Sinks – Hard water deposits and scales of lime cause the brown coating to form. Steam can easily help to clear away these brown scales and calculus without needing acidic or other caustic media.
  • Cleaning the Bath Tubs, Shower Stalls and Toilet Pans – A steamer can very easily dislodge and dissolve hard water stains and soap scum formed on the surfaces of the bathtubs, stalls, and pans. This helps in retaining the shiny clean surface for a longer time. The extreme heat of the steam also cleans away all kinds of germs and molds that are formed along with the nooks and crannies of the pans and tubs.

How to Choose The Perfect Steam Cleaner For Bathroom?

We decided to check the best-reviewed Steam cleaners and put them to work before choosing the top 4 among them. Since every one of them had unique features and numerous positive aspects, we decided to grade them according to some of the common aspects every buyer generally looks for while buying a steam cleaner for bathroom and shower.

  • Ability to clean multiple surfaces like wooden flooring, tiled or marble flooring, carpeted surfaces
  • Cleaning ability on Bathroom sinks, tubs, curtains, floors, kitchen sinks and walls, etc
  • Weight of the entire apparatus, Usability, and movability from one place to the other.
  • Attachment quality and ease of setup
  • Steam temperature and average duration of usage with one full tank of water.
  • Ability to use external cleaning agents like detergents and disinfectant solutions

What are The Criterions of a Perfect bathroom Steam Cleaner?

When you choose a steam cleaner for bathroom make sure to look into a few important points. This will, in turn, make your cleaning experience way more comfortable, effective and easier.

  1. Instead of a normally pressured steamer, opt for high pressured steamer as these help in dislodging even the trickiest of stuck-up dirt.
  2. Choose a steamer with a larger nozzle to assist in cleaning a larger surface in one go thus saving uptime.
  3. Choose a steamer with larger tank capacity thus not needing refill multiple time
  4. Choose a steam cleaner for bathroom with a custom control panel to change the mode and functionality according to your needs and demands
  5. A steam cleaner with an extended power cord and expandable hose make moving from one end of the property to the other with ease without needing to plug and unplug every time.

Comparison of the 4 Best Steam Cleaners for Bathroom

PictureProduct NameTank SizeCord length Price
McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System
McCulloch MC1385
Deluxe Canister Steam System

64 OZ

216 Inches

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Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner
Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Multipurpose

54 OZ

16 inches

Check Price
Vapamore MR-75 Amico Hand Held
Vapamore MR-75
Amico Hand Held

21 OZ

120 inches

Check Price
Steamfast SF-370WH
Steamfast SF-370WH

45 OZ

184 inches

Check Price

Best Bathroom Steam Cleaners Review (2020)

Price plays an important factor while buying any products. Choose the one that’s within optimal range with all the necessary features. Based on the research and criteria below we have mentioned the 4 most suitable Steam Cleaners for Bathroom & Shower.

1. McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System (Black)

McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam CleanerIf you are looking for a steam cleaner that has a large enough water capacity and serves as a multipurpose cleaning unit, then McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System is definitely for you. In addition to the regular sanitization and cleaning, this powerful bathroom Steam cleaner has multiple additional attachments to clean various other areas other than the bathrooms and kitchens.

It is a great value for money product that uses high-pressure piping hot steam to dislodge and clean everything. The beautiful sleek design and universal color black give it a classic appeal that is an added advantage.

Key features

  • Multipurpose cleaner that can be used for steam cleaning and mopping while naturally sanitizing the surface on the go.
  • Water is heated up to 212 degrees F thus helping in killing the toughest of germs and molds with ease
  • It has a variable steam control panel that allows one to adjust the water stream temperature according to the requirements without causing any damage to vulnerable products that have a low heat acceptance threshold.
  • The extra-large water tank capacity allows a maximum water filling capacity of up to 64 OZ thus allowing over 110 minutes of continuous steaming.
  • Includes 24 additional accessories to maximize the usability of the product on various surfaces and areas without needing to upgrade to any other machine.
  • Additional accessories include a Squeegee attachment that allows you to clean the window stains and grits much more easily while dislodging the dirt along the small slit crevices.
  • The second very useful exclusive detachable accessory is the utility brush with hard bristles that allows you to deep clean the grease and other oil remnants from grills, patios, ovens and other such places where the grimes and grits are more resistant to any kind of ordinary cleaning.
  • The floor mop attachment helps in cleaning even the tiniest of dirt from the floor surface. It works easily on any hard surfaces like laminates, wood flooring or tiles.
  • Is equipped with 4 bar pressure control that allows one to maximize the steam pressure up to 58 psi to dislodge even the wackiest of grits.
  • The 18 Foot extra long extension cord allows ease of movement to a greater distance and thus accessing a multitude of areas without the need to plug and unplug repeatedly.

What are the Inclusions in the package?

  • MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner
  • Large Mop Head
  • Scrubbing Mop Pad
  • Bristle Brush Attachment
  • Jet Nozzle
  • 3″ Scraper
  • Fill Cup
  • 4″ Triangle Brush
  • Large Brush
  • Nylon Utility Brushes
  • Brass Utility Brushes
  • Triangle Brush
  • Large Brush
  • Squeegee
  • Extension Wands
  • Accessory Net
  • 2.5″ Round Brushes
  • Angled Nozzle
  • 2.5″ Round Scrub Pads
  • Large tank capacity
  • Extra Long power cord
  • Multiple additional accessory attachment to clean a lot of areas with ease
  • Absence of vacuuming function
  • The steam pressure is not as high as expected from a 58 psi steamer

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2. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

Dupray Neat Steam CleanerIf your choice of Steam Cleaner is something that is portable and compact, then Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner is perfect for you. Designed to be operable on various surfaces, this Shower steam cleaner is very lightweight and easily movable to be used indoor and outdoor as well.

The powerful superheating system of up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit can easily kill any mold, mildew or bacterial growth without causing any damage to the surface. The retractable handle attachment makes the design very unique and appealing too.

Key Features

  • Powerful steaming temperature up to 275 degrees F that can easily kill mites and molds. This temperature is also very suitable to eradicate some of the most resistant bacteria and viruses that are not possible with any other steam cleaner.
  • The low moisture steaming ability allows maximized cleaning without the additional moisture remnants.
  • 54 OZ capacity internal boiler attachment allows continuous steam cleaning up to 50 minutes without the need to refill.
  • 18 additional accessory attachment for cleaning various sections and areas of the property with ease.
  • It’s perfect for deep cleaning of the grout lines and floor panels as the extremely high-temperature steam dislodges the mitt dirt with ease.
  • Works well on various kitchen appliances, car interiors and upholsteries beside the ceramic and marble flooring of bathrooms.
  • The high temperature pressured steam is perfect for toilet pans and sinks alongside the tubs and bathroom curtains. Besides disinfecting the bathroom, it also deodorizes the entire bathroom interior within minutes.
  • A highly compact model with unique design makes it very user-friendly and also easily movable from one place to the other.
  • The integrated funnel system at the top prevents extra water spillage and also helps in filling the tank faster.
  • Water pressure is up to 50 psi, which is sufficient enough to clean maximum surface areas without the need to extra additional fittings.
  • Alongside the 2 yrs extended warranty on the extensions, the Dupray Neat System has an additional lifetime warranty on the internal boiler system that is a great addition that is unbeatable in the market.
  • Comes with a retractable handle that allows ease of movement

What are the inclusions in the package?

  • Floor Tool
  • Triangle Tool
  • Window Tool
  • Extension Tube
  • Steam Lance
  • Microfiber Pads
  • microfiber bonnets
  • Microfiber Cloths
  • Brass Brushes
  • Nylon Brushes
  • Fragrance Discs

Optional Accessories

  • Microfiber Cloths – This pack of 10 ultra-plush and versatile washable microfiber cloths is an essential part of your steam cleaning tasks.
  • Small Brass Brushes – For medium duty work requiring precise detail and the most popular option for grout cleaning. (Pack of 10)
  • Small Horsehair Brushes – For precise and ultra-delicate detailing, use this brush on very sensitive surfaces. (Pack of 10)
  • Small microfiber bonnets – The small microfiber bonnet is used with the triangular tool to pick up dirt as you clean.
  • Small Nylon Brushes – For a delicate yet deep detail cleaning without being abrasive to the surface. (Pack of 10)
  • Digital control display for better idea of the functioning
  • High temperature allows up to 99.9% bacteria eradication
  • Commercial grade deep cleaning minus the harsh chemicals
  • Limited function settings
  • Shorter hose and cord size
  • Product built is Italian not North American

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3. Vapamore MR-75 Amico Hand Held Steam Cleaner

Vapamore MR-75 Amico Hand Held Steam CleanerWe all love anything that serves multipurpose usage and is small enough to need minimal storage space. Vapamore MR-75 Amico Hand Held Steam Cleaner is perfect for its sheer stunning design and small size.

The superheated 210 degrees Fahrenheit steam is sufficient enough to kill all hose beg bugs and mites thus making it the perfect choice to carry all during your travel plans if you fear bedbugs in hotels.

Key Features

  • The Vapamore MR 75 is certainly a power-packed device designed within a small package. As it is a handheld model it is lightweight and ergonomically designed to suit the needs of smaller and larger properties with equal ease.
  • Perfectly suitable specifically to kill the bed bugs, this handheld steamer can produce steam that is heated up to 210 degrees F easily.
  • Geared with the ability to handle up to 45 psi steam pressure, the handheld steamer is usable on all surfaces of the bathroom and other areas alike.
  • Deep penetration of the steam allows a maximized effect on the crevices and crannies where the chances of germs and molds are maximum.
  • Even though the cord and the hose are of limited size, the handheld ability allows one to easily clean grease and oil spots on the kitchen sinks, barbeque grills, etc with ease and no additional assistance.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty that ensures you never have any problem all along the usage time.
  • Cleans and sanitizes almost all surfaces without needing any additional chemicals or caustic agents.
  • Besides being bug exterminator and mold cleaner, this handheld steam cleaner is also an excellent deodorizer that can be used even in hospitals and vehicles.
  • It can be used to clean jewelry, air conditioning units, food processors, pet houses and beds, birdcages, etc.
  • Compact, lightweight, user-friendly and multipurpose usage.

What are the inclusions in the package?

  • MR-75 Amico Steamer
  • Manual
  • Steam Hose/Connector
  •  Accessory Tool Adaptor
  • Measuring Cup
  • Carrying Case
  • Detail Scraper
  • Nylon Brush Straight
  • Jet Nozzle Attachment
  • Nylon Grout Brush
  • Nylon Grout Brush Medium
  • Large Nylon Brush
  • Small Brass Metal Brush
  • Large Brass Metal Brush
  • Large Stainless Steel Brush
  • Cloths/Smooth Surface Squeegee
  • 3 Cotton Cover
  • Small size perfect for any household
  • Effective bedbug killer
  • Multipurpose usage
  • Very loud
  • Brush attachments are slight of poor quality

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4. Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam CleanerIf you are looking for the best bathroom steam cleaner for heavy-duty usage, then Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam cleaner is the right choice for you. The lock on-demand button allows one to steam clean any surface without interruption for over 40 minutes. This feature with the added water heat indicator ensures that the user is well informed about the heat level of the steam emitted.

The microfiber mop head is certainly an added positive aspect especially if you have a pet at home that sheds a lot of hair which gets stuck in the knick and cronies of your home. This mop enables one to easily dislodge these hidden allergens and give a complete clean look.

Key features

  • Easy to fill the tank with a capacity of 45 OZ allows uninterrupted cleaning for a longer duration. The additional larger water inlet minimizes water spillage too.
  • It is fitted with a custom on-demand steam control unit that allows up to 45 minutes of steaming on one press of the button. This lock-on button is very unique to this model and has been appreciated by almost every buyer around.
  • Water is heated up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit that not only cleans but also sanitizes the surface well. The high heat also enables deep penetrations into the crevices and unreachable spots thus effectively killing any unwanted pest or molds hidden far away from the view of our sight.
  • Custom fitted with wheels and casters that allow ease of movement along all surfaces.
  • The ergonomic compact design is very sleek and stylish to look at.
  • The 64 inches hose may not be very long compared to many other models; however, the extreme flexibility of the hose pipes allows it to move into the most curved spots without any issues.
  • The heat indicator light on the side allows one to easily notice how hot the steam is.
  • Onboard storage unit attachment for carrying smaller cleaning essentials like mops, brush fittings and cleaning agents.
  • The microfiber cleaning pads are highly durable besides being excellent fine dirt, pollens and allergen, and debris trapping unit. These microfiber pads are great in catching all those smaller fine hairs of pets.
  • The 1500 watt motor ensures deep cleaning of germs alongside easy removal of stains and limescale deposits
  • It is reviewed as one of the best heavy-duty usage Steam cleaners for bathrooms due to the prolonged high pressured steaming ability.
  • 15 additional attachments ensure the cleaning of every possible area and surface without any problem.

What are the inclusions in the package?

  • SF-370 Multipurpose Steam Cleaner
  • 2 x Microfiber pad
  • Extension wand
  • Scrub pad
  • Measuring cup
  • Squeegee
  • Jet Nozzle
  • Scrub tool
  • Sponge pad
  • Nylon utility brushes
  • Brass utility brushes
  • Corner tool
  • Mop head
  • Portable and very lightweight
  • Longer power cord allows better access
  • 45 minutes of steaming time that is longer than many other Steam Cleaners available in the market
  • Steam has a higher moisture content
  • Has a limited warranty period of 1 yr

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What can a steam cleaner be used for?

  • Cleaning lime scales and grouts from tiles and marbles of the bathroom floor
  • Showers, sinks, toilet pan
  • Kitchen
  • Car interior
  • Dust and mites along with the nooks and crannies of the house
  • Drains that are clogged
  • Pet houses and bird cages
  • Oil and grease residues in garage, kitchen and other places
  • Window panes, sliding doors
  • Pests and molds
  • Clothing
  • Carpets and Upholsteries
  • Blankets and mattress odors and stains
What You Shouldn’t Steam Clean?

Anything that cannot tolerate high temperatures and may melt or damage like plastic goods and water-based products like paintings, cardboard or porous wood structures.

Steam Cleaner and its Health Benefits

A very good reason to choose a Steam Cleaner for Kitchen Or your home is the immense health benefits this device has. The toxicity and pollution all around us are bringing in a ton of dangerous invisible guests into our life.

  • These unwanted guests like salmonella, molds, and bacteria cannot be simply eradicated with a vacuum cleaner or any other means. Steam cleaning actually can help in removing over 90% of these microscopic nuisances.
  • Since the basic cleaning mechanism of a steam cleaner is heated vapors, there is no residual smell of ammonia or other bleaching agents post the cleaning.
  • No chemical residue also is a great way to prevent chemical waste and thus promote environment-friendly cleaning technology.
  • Vapors and steams are a very cost-effective way to get rid of mites and molds at no extra cost and thus serving a great economic purpose.
  • A chemical-free clean environment is also a toxin-free environment for pets and kids thus promoting the better healthy upbringing
  • Dust and mites are also the reason for various pulmonary conditions like Asthma that can be easily controlled and removed with a steam cleaner. In fact, steam cleaner also greatly reduces air pollens, allergens, and fine dust within the home.
  • High-temperature steam dislodges grouts and lime scales that form in the crevices of the bathroom and kitchen and thus providing a sparkling clean surface.

Final Words

I’ve been using a steam cleaner for bathroom & shower for around 2 years, and I must say its worth it. I hope you like this depth guide about the steam cleaner. Things may go off your budget at times, make sure that you choose the best bathroom steam cleaner for you.

Best Steam Cleaner For Bathroom & Shower
  • McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister
  • Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner
  • Vapamore MR-75 Amico Hand Held
  • Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose


There are numerous reasons for getting a bathroom steam cleaner. Here, we have listed the best Steam Cleaner available to buy that will help you to clean your bathroom, shower, and kitchen!

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